The Water Structures' Difference

Churches have the choice of designing their own baptistery or choosing one of our popular models. Water Structures offers a wide range of baptistery equipment as well as turnkey baptistery installations. A fully functional baptistery can be ordered with the equipment built in. The baptistery finishes like marble, granite or ceramic tile can be applied at the factory or on site. 

Water Structures' standard and custom-designed baptisteries are composed of materials like marble, granite, or ceramic tile. Plastic or vinyl finishes are not used. Water Structures strives to build baptisteries that remind the church's parishioners of the mystery of their baptism, not the family jacuzzi. 

It may be surprising to learn that the only thing that keeps site-built baptisteries from leaking is a plastic membrane or a thin sheet of copper. During construction, even a small misstep by a tradesman can cause these baptistery liners to leak. Usually the leaks happen well after the baptistery has been in use (and the contractor has been paid). In most cases, the only fix is to dismantle the baptistery and start again! 

Inside a Water Structures' baptistery is a rugged, technologically-advanced shell. Our self-supporting shells withstand site damage and are not bothered by rusting, ripping or long-term chemical breakdown. Pipe connections are manifolded to our rigid shell not glued to a liner. Simply put, Water Structures' superior shell technology can save a church from the agony and embarrassment of a leaky baptistery. 

Sometimes you don't want to be first. The worst thing you could hear from your baptistery contractor is that your baptistery is their first. Water Structures' professional staff has years of experience building baptisteries and other custom water features products. Your church will have the peace of mind knowing that their baptistery is backed up by our years of experience. 

Water Structures offers site planning, equipment specifications, custom and standard baptistery designs, sound-reducing waterfalls, heaters, and odorless water disinfection equipment. With every Water Structures' product, your Church will have the ease of mind knowing that technical help is just a phone call away. WARRANTY
Water Structures has a Limited Ten-Year, No Leak warranty on its baptistery shells and a Two-Year Limited Parts Warranty on its equipment. (Consult actual warranty for terms and limitations. Available on request) 

St. Raphael's Church
West Medford, MA
Designed by
Keefe Associates 

Our Lady of Mercy Church
Designed by James Hundt, AIA
& Richard S. Vosko