Reflecting Pools

Water Structures has built thousands of reflecting pools throughout the country in all shapes and sizes, from overflowing bowls to large public space water features. Many incorporate additional water features, such as infinity edges, water walls, or simulated streams.

Through years of experience, Water Structures has developed a host of proprietary devices, such as hidden inlets to replace unsightly fittings in the fountain pool, specialty pumps, which disguise water flow, suppress noise, and save energy. Water Structures has also developed many customized control systems, such as a splash prevention systems used on reflecting pools installed in very tall buildings. When tall buildings sway in the wind, this system automatically lowers the pool’s water to a safe level. When the wind stops, the system automatically refills the water feature. Water Structures’ experienced designers and technicians have pioneered many such devices and are always interested in projects requiring out of the box thinking.

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Negative edge reflecting pool at Limani Restaurant, Rockefeller Center, New York City
Raised negative edge reflecting pool, M Resort, Las Vegas, NV.
Negative edge water feature: Oracle: Bedford MA. Design by Thomas Wirth Associates. Architectural Stones by Lew French.
Negative edge reflecting pool
Negative Edge Reflecting Pool by Water Structures