Font Equipment

Font Equipment and Piping Design

Our equipment packs are custom-made to match the water feature and liturgical needs of each Church. The equipment packs can be ordered with or without a Water Structures font shell.

Water Structures brings 29 years of custom baptismal font equipment design to each project. The equipment design process begins with the font’s liturgical designer mapping out the desired water feature effect. Water movement and the sound moving water makes in the font can enhance the liturgical experience that the designer is working towards. After working out these water feature considerations with the font’s designer, Water Structures then designs an equipment pack and piping system that will produce the desired liturgical water feature effect.

Pictured above is a raised negative edge baptismal font, designed with a pump, piping, and water inlets so that they do not produce turbulence and allows water to flow equally and quietly over the edge.

Water Structures designs and manufactures custom equipment packs for its own font shells and for fonts built by others.

Installation Instructions and Consultation

Each equipment pack comes with detail installation instructions including piping installation drawings, wiring instructions and an installation and operational videos.  The installation instructions are provided to the architect and builder as well as on the project’s drop box site. A link to this site allowing the Church’s contractor or subs to access installation information when needed.  Throughout the design build process, Water Structures experienced staff is available to discuss any aspect of the installation with the Church’s contractor.



All Water Structures custom equipment packs come with a no questions asked two-year limited equipment only warranty. All our equipment is installed with quick disconnect service unions.


Operational Services

Operational instructions are provided with a care and maintenance kit to the church. In addition, the font’s operational instructions as well as operational videos can be accessed easily on the Church’s permanent drop box account. Water Structures service department is also available to answer ongoing operational questions.


Water Structures maintains detail construction drawings and photos of each custom baptismal font project. If a Church needs a part for a 15 year old font equipment pack, chances are Water Structures has the replacement parts in stock.

Water Structures equipment packs come with:


Our pumps are designed for water features not swimming pools. Swimming pool pumps produce excess noise and water turbulence.

UV Germicidal Water Purification
The system automatically disinfects the water each day.

Water Filtration


Our standard equipment packs come with a pre-wired controller that includes a 24-hour timer and heater thermostat.

Custom Control
New in 2020. Water Structures is offering a smart phone operated font controller which allows the Church to turn on the font heater, adjust start and stop times from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Optional equipment

  1. Auto fill systems
  2. Living water systems. Creates an adjustable water movement in the center of the font’s pool or bowl.
  3. Quiet run water negative edge systems.
  4. Extremely small font equipment packs. These small packs come with all the standard font equipment and can be installed inside the font, usually under a font’s upper bowl.
  5. Single fitting packs. The font’s supply and return piping enters the font’s bowl through a single fitting.