Specialty Options

Hidden inlets/outlets and overflows

Pictured below is a semi-immersion font with mosaic inlay centered on the font floor. What you do not see in this lovely font floor are hot tub type fittings. Water Structures hidden inlets replace these unsightly fittings. Another advantage of the hidden inlet system is that there is no “water jetting” in the font pool.


Hidden overflows like the one in this font can be built into the font’s shell. The hidden overflows not only look great, they save room and function much better than bathtub-type overflow fittings. Optional high-capacity overflow systems can be built into the font pool.

Bronze inlet covers

We offer metal inlet covers in a variety of finishes, including brass and antique.

In/out supply and return bowl fitting

We design an equipment pack that allows the supply and return to come through a single fitting in the bottom of a baptismal bowl, allowing the water in the bowl to be filtered, disinfected, and heated. This also creates a “living water” effect in the bowl.

Stand-alone bowl inside a font pool

We offer factory pre-plumbed equipment systems that allow a stand-alone bowl to be placed inside a font pool shell. The plumbing and bowl anchors can be built into the font shell at Water Structures facility. The stone or bronze bowl can be installed in the pool on-site.

Baptismal Font with Negative Edge Upper Bowl