Baptismal Font Shells

No-Leak Fiberglass Baptismal Font Shells

Since 1989, Water Structures has built no-leak baptismal font shells using its proprietary fiberglass system. The shells are delivered to the Church, ready for stone, marble, or tile finishes, by other. Our super durable shells come with a limited 20 year no leak warranty.

Pictured is a built-to-design font shell being water tested with its custom equipment pack at the Water Structures facility. The font features three raised pools, which spill into the lower font pool. Water Structures’ fiberglass shell provides a continuous water proofing wall between the three upper bowls, their spillways, and the lower semi-immersion font pool. Photo on right is the font after finishes have been applied.

Pictured is a built-to-design negative edge font shell being water tested at Water Structures. This custom-designed font shell’s inner pool is fabricated with built-in water feature baffling boxes, which prevent undue turbulence in the font pool. The inner pool, outer trough, and baffling boxes are all encapsulated in the continuous fiberglass waterproofing shell.