Design Services

Water Structures LLC has extensive experience designing large and small custom water features throughout the U.S. We provide architects and design professionals with technical information needed to make successful, durable water features that look and work the way professionals and clients expect. Our design services are comprehensive.

We work closely with architects and builders throughout the design process:
  1. Extensive experience partnering with design professionals.
  2. Past project photos, videos and construction files provided for discussion.
  3. Suitable water feature finish materials introduced for consideration.
  4. Explanation of the wide variety of available water feature lighting systems.
  5. Conceptual design drawings and quotations.
  6. Mock-up and systems testing for water feature effects and lighting.
  7. Fixed construction and installation quotes.
  8. Equipment and piping design.
  9. Water purification design.
  10. Full construction documents, including piping, electrical and finishing.