Dedication to building quality baptismal fonts

Water Structures is the preeminent supplier of custom designed baptismal fonts. Founded in 1989, we have more than 28 years’ experience building no-leak custom font shells and equipment packs for Churches throughout the country. Our state-of-the art fabrication facility builds and water tests the fonts before shipping. Water Structures’ experienced design support team provides a full range of services from concept development to construction drawings.

Liturgical water effects

Water Structures has years of experience working with architects and liturgical designers to create just the right liturgical water feature effect for each baptismal font project. We offer negatives edge font pools, multi-level spillways, and “living water” font pool water displays.

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No-leak fiberglass baptismal font shells

For 28 years, Water Structures has provided architects and liturgical designers with fiberglass-backed baptismal font shells that fit precisely into their designs. Our custom shells are factory water tested, then shipped directly to the church where the contractor applies the finishes. There is no safer, or better, way to make a custom baptismal font that does not leak today or 20 years from today.

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Baptismal Font Equipment Design

Water Structures designs and builds baptismal font equipment packs for projects we build, or for those built by others. Each custom equipment pack comes with a built-in controller, quiet run water feature pump, UV germicidal water purifiers, heather, filter, plumbing diagrams, and operational instructions.

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Specialty options

We provides design-appropriate baptismal font pool options. Water Structures offers proprietary hidden inlet/outlet and overflows with its custom font shells, where there are no visible fittings in the pool floor and walls. Other options include single-entry bowl fittings, and decorative metal covers.

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