Bronze Baptismal Bowls

By Wanner Sculpture Studio

Cast Bronze Baptismal Bowls


Designed by: Wanner Sculpture Studios


Pictured is a custom designed cast bronze baptismal font bowl. The bowl was designed and made by Wanner Sculpture Studio.

Water Structures LLC has partnered with Wanner Sculpture Studio to design and produce the equipment used to make Wanner’s bronze bowls work as baptismal fonts. Water Structures supplies the bottom “catch pool” and designs and builds the custom equipment packs.  The equipment packs come complete with a quiet run pump, heater and UV germicidal water purifier.  Most of Wanner Sculptural Studio’s baptismal font bowls are designed to have water constantly running down their outer sides.

Optional Immersion Baptismal Font Pool

Optionally a second immersion font pool can be placed below the upper bronze bowl. The lower pool is often empty and covered till it is needed. On these special occasions, floor panels are removed and the lower font is filled.  The bronze font bowl continues to run with its overflowing water now going into the immersion font pool instead of through the floor grates.

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